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Ian is an accomplished Certified Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience in the financial consulting industry, providing valuable advice, support and solutions for all of his clients. Both Singaporeans and expats have benefited greatly from Ian’s expert knowledge, providing financial security for their future.

Offering a broad range of wealth management approaches and creating a stronger financial position for his clients is his aim and is how success is measured. Providing 24/7 logins to clients allows them to monitor real time updates and see their investments flourish.

As the Co-Founder and Director of Global Financial Consultants, he has helped many people achieve their goals, with maximum results and minimum amount of effort required. Ian has a wealth of experience in legacy planning, guiding parents in providing financial security for their future generations

Ian understands the importance of having one’s financial affairs taken care of, and provides his clients with the security and assurance needed to take the steps towards financial independence.

Contact Ian today to see how he can increase your wealth securely and safely making your financial position stronger.

Why our tailor-made investment solutions are right for you!

Tax-Free Investment Plans

Maximise your capital through monthly investing into managed funds. We work with top investment companies, including but not limited to JP Morgan, HSBC, Blackrock, Fidelity, Credit Suisse, Templeton & Schroder. Access your money any time, and save for your and your children’s futures.

Guaranteed Investor Protection

Guaranteed 90% investment protection by the Government in the Isle of Man and the Government of Guernsey.

Directly From You To The Financial Institutions

Your money stays in your control. The accounts are set up under your name and stay between you and the recommended financial institution. Utilising international financial institutions allows you to invest in a range of major currencies, including SGD, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY.

24/7 Logins

All of our clients are provided with logins to their tailored investment portfolio. So they can look at their investments at any time, day or night.

Peace Of Mind & Financial Security

When working with Ian at Global Financial Consultants, you receive ongoing advice on your investment portfolio and recommendations for growth. We do not offer a discretionary service. Our clients are safeguarded as they have to sign off on all changes – providing peace of mind.

Key Services

Today’s mission remains as true as it did from the start; to be the guardians of your financial security safeguarding your future. We only offer honest and unbiased advice on suitable plans and strategies that will help our clients on their journey to financial security.

Tailored Investment

Legacy Planning


University Fee

Maximise Savings
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Global Life
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Based on 100 reviews
Abhishek Saxena
Abhishek Saxena
December 11, 2021.
I have known Ian for almost two years and he has been instrumental in helping me to kick off my retirement planning journey. Ian is very diligent and open to various ideas. The services offered by GFC and team are world class and personalised. Whenever I have discussions with my friends about retirement Ian's and GFC's name definitely pops up. I would highly recommend GFC and Ian as financial consultants. They can help achieve the freedom financial stability brings.
John Dick
John Dick
December 9, 2021.
Ian McMahon has been advising me for almost 20 years and always comes up with innovative solutions and products, which keep me ahead of the game. Global Financial Consultants is responsive to queries and provides a flow of information that keeps me abreast of developments in both my portfolio and the market.
Jonathan Lum
Jonathan Lum
April 9, 2021.
Deepak from Global Financial Consultants is very professional, sincere and really knows his stuff when it comes to investing. I have followed him for many years and he has grown my portfolio for me impressively. He is young and eager, and here to stay for the long run, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to make their money work for them in good long term investments. 5 stars! I would give a 6 if I could.
Norman Tan
Norman Tan
April 8, 2021.
Thumbs up to Deepak and his team for their top notch services! With professionalism and acute judgement, Deepak has not only reversed my losses but helped me to be in the green for the past 6 years. A go getter who is able to simplify things for his clients, Deepak is the person to look for if you want portfolio growth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Deepak!
Mahesh Brahme
Mahesh Brahme
March 26, 2021.
Since the time I first met Ian in Yr 2014 ,he always comes across as a very knowledgeable and dependable individual who always patiently listens to your requirements and transparently answers all your queries without any rush to "sell" any financial product. Conversations with Ian have always been very insightful with his extensive knowledge of the markets and his excellent knack for a practical and transparent advice while linking the market trends to an individual's risk appetite. With Ian & his team,I always experienced an excellent customer service characterised by friendly yet very professional,efficeint,clear & on-time communication.
Richard Weir
Richard Weir
March 24, 2021.
My wife and I have been working with Jarrad, Linda and the team for a number of years now. They are very professional and always make themselves available when we need to discuss things. I highly recommend Global Financial Consultants
Nanda Mackay
Nanda Mackay
March 23, 2021.
Michael Davidson took over my portfolio from another financial institution where I had 2 previous relationships managers. Michael has outperformed both of them in the last 12-18 months by 30%. I highly recommend Michael due to his pragmatic approach and astute investment mindset.
Jaslyin Qiyu
Jaslyin Qiyu
March 13, 2021.
Ian is top of his game in terms of industry knowledge, having been in this field for years. He demonstrates genuine passion for his craft and dedication to his clients, regardless of investment size. Our portfolio has paid off within a short span of time and we'll definitely be investing more with him in the near future to further boost our retirement funds

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